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Biotech Super Fat Burner Review

Biotech Super Fat Burner is a monster supplement with a whole load of ingredients in every capsule. This doesn’t mean it works though. Far from it. We will pick the good and the bad in this Biotech Super Fat Burner Review.

But it is good to see a wealth of completely natural and some scientifically proven fat burners in here. Biotech have done some research at least.

The big focus of Biotech’s fat burner is on amino acids. Whilst these are essential parts of any diet, or most are anyway, they can also be easily found in regular foods you eat. Not only this, but generally they require quite a high dose to work at all.

Despite this, many are proven to have some effect. But will Biotech Super Fat Burner stand up to the best fat burners of the year?

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Biotech Super Fat Burner Ingredients

The list of ingredients that go into Biotech is fairly big. With plenty of amino acids and a few herbs. Generally the amounts of amino’s is around 50mg. Which is very low. Take L-Carnitine for example. This helps carries energy to cells, at a cellular level. Some supplements dose up to 2000mg of this ingredient. BioTech has around 99mg combined in it’s blend.

Whilst this may get you some slight results, it’s not going to turn your body into a fat burning powerhouse.

There are some useful ingredients in BioTech though, which will impact metabolism and help put your body into a fat burning state. Let’s take a closer look anyway.

biotech super fat burner ingredients


Contains vitamins and minerals that contribute to normal bodily functions and health. Chromium does help with insulin levels and can help prevent extra fat storage. But the dose of this is a little low.

Garcina Cambogia

Helps with normalising hormone functions and can have a slight impact on fat burning. The dose needs to be higher to have real effects and more research is required to see how well it truly works.

Green Tea

A good and proven natural fat burner. But you need around 500mg through the day to get real results from this supplement.  It will help suppress appetite and can also break down fatty acids. Meaning you store less fat.


Found in lots of meat and dairy products. It’s thought that CLA helps with insulin resistance. Scientific studies done on rats confirmed this but, you’re not a rat. So humans won’t get the same effect.

L-Carnitine Complex

L-Carnitine at a high dose can help with the breakdown of fat and food to feed cells. This is especially true when it’s supplemented at over 1000mg. Even the blend in Super Fat Burner is a bit on the low side.

Amino Acids

These will help with focus and energy metabolism. But are dosed at a low level.

Biotech Super Fat Burner Dose

You get 120 capsules in a bottle of Super Fat Burner which is enough to keep your body topped up with reasonable amounts of it’s limited fat burning herbs.

What’s lacking is the amount of amino acids that go into each serving. The numbers are just too low for this product to ‘Burn Fat’. In fact, we’d say this is more of a diet supplement for someone who isn’t eating enough fish and meat. More so than a fat burner supplement.

Biotech Super Fat Burner Side Effects

One good thing about the blend being full of limited amino acids and a small amount herbs is that you basically avoid all side effects.

The only risk with this supplement is that the stimulants could keep you up at night  if taken close to bed.

But only the whole there will be limited fat burning effects and limited side effects!

Where to Buy Biotech Super Fat Burner?

You can order BioTech Super Fat Burner here. It costs around $22 or £15.

This may seem cheap, especially for 120 capsules, but remember the formula is pretty weak when you compare it with other fat burners.

You’re going to get far better results from a more expensive product, as the doses of scientifically backed ingredients will be higher.

Biotech Super Fat Burner Review Conclusion

There are some good merits to this product. But we haven’t scored it for it’s fat burning effects. More scored it as a product that would serve as a weak BCAA.

It would help compliment someone who has a diet locked down and also in a calorie deficit.

What it won’t do is raise your metabolism and suppress appetite. Like conventional and proven fat burners do.

If you’ve got 4 weeks to reveal your abs, you need to be looking at our top 3 fat burners and investing in Super Fat Burner when the weight has been lost.

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