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Bio Synergy Thermogen Review

Bio Synergy are a US based supplement manufacteror who make a range of products. The one we are interested in is Thermogen.

This fat burner uses a proprietary blend to stimulate fat loss through the use of it’s thermogenic ingredients.

Blend wise though, Bio Synergy’s Thermogen fat burner is a little disappointing.

Proprietary blends are everywhere in fat burners, and Thermogen’s is weaker than most. With 900mg of total  ingredients and only 3 active ingredients, it’s expensive for what it is.

You may still see some slight results from the by product of these ingredients, but there are far better products out there for just a little more money.

What Ingredients are in Bio Synergy Thermogen?

You get 3 ingredients inside Bio Synergy Thermogen. Each of these ingredients contains caffeine. Which is where most of the effects of this thermogenic lie.

We don’t need to tell you though, that having too many stimulants can cause unwanted side effects and other issues.

Bio Synergy’s sources of caffeine are all however natural. Which is good, as often chemically synthesized ingredients can cause unwanted side effects like headaches, nausea and sickness.

Bio Synergy Thermogen Ingredients

Yerbe Mate

This has some similar properties as Green Tea. Yerba Mate however is also filled with caffeine. Which is thought to be the major reason people back it for fat loss.

Like green tea it’s also filled with antioxidants and some vitamins and minerals.

Dose wise this is most likely the main ingredient inside Bio Synergy thermogen.

Guarana Seed

This is a highly caffeinated ingredient. Whilst it is natural, there is a risk it could cause side effects. So we’d always recommend testing your tolerance.

Guarana is a climbing plant commonly found in Brazil. The seeds are highly caffeinated and can cause side effects if taken at a too higher dose. Because Bio Synergy’s blend is 900mg the dose of Guarana could be quite high.

In terms of it’s effects it will help increase metabolism and give you extra energy through periods of supplementation.

Kola Nut

This comes from a plant that’s found in Africa, also they have a huge caffeine content. As well as this they also contain some antioxidants and small amounts of theobromine.

As well as increasing metabolism and energy levels Kola nut can also contribute to appetite suppression and help with the digestion of food.

There is some evidence that Kola Nut can also enhance your focus, which could improve performance in the gym.

Bio Synergy Thermogen Dose

Bio Synergy comes with 90 capsules in each bottle. This means you are getting 3 capsules a day with 900mg of ingredients in each.

If you take 1 capsule 3 times per day you are going to get a good amount of energy and effect on your metabolism.

The problem with this supplement though, comes with the potential negative effects of stimulants.

Due to the caffeine content of each ingredient, you could end up with some minor side effects which could be problematic.

For the price you are paying there are fat burners available that offer a wider range of ingredients, that will get you more effects and better results.

Will Bio Synergy Thermogen give me side effects?

Bio Synergy Thermogen could give you side effects due to it’s high caffeine content.

These effects could include headaches, nausea and anxiety.

Kola Nut and Guarana especially carry a higher risk of side effects in supplements. This does slightly depend on dose, but as Bio Synergy have used a proprietary blend it’s hard to actually tell if these side effects will happen.

Where can you buy Bio Synergy Thermogen?

You can buy Thermogen directly from Bio Synergy on their website.

A decent 120 capsule bottle costs you £29.99. But the problem is you are only getting 3 ingredients. Which when you compare that to our top fat burner, isn’t m

Does Bio Synergy Thermogen  work?

In terms of increasing your metabolism, yes we’d say that Bio Synergy will work.

But for appetite suppression and other fact burning effects we’re not fully convinced.

900mg across 3 capsules is an ok serving size, but there just aren’t enough ingredients in Bio Synergy to make it worth your while.

See our top 3 list for fat burners that do work.

Bio Synergy Thermogen Review Conclusion

This product looks good and have a fairly solid serving size.

Overall though, you are paying a fair bit of money for only a small amount of ingredients.

Bio Synergy have also chosen 3 ingredients that contain caffeine, which means that there is a high chance of Thermogen causing unwanted side effects.

If you are serious about burning away unwanted fat, there are far better products on the market. Check out our top 3 for a list of proven and effective fat burners.


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