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The Best Websites For Fat Burner Reviews

When it comes to a popular category like tech or beauty, the amount of review-based websites are dime a dozen; you can literally scroll through pages on Google all night and still not be done. But with health supplements like fat burners, the number is quite less to say the least, mostly because we don’t have a new iteration of a product coming every now and then. Even then, finding a good bunch of websites is essential so you’re well informed on what’s what. With that in mind, here are the best websites for fat burner reviews that you should give a try!

  1. The Supplement Reviews: What this website lacks a bit in the design department it more than makes up for with it’s extensive, informative and honest reviews. It doesn’t go too specific into what’s going on so you can understand the review, and the style of writing is quite good as well (though that varies from one author to another). What’s even better: it doesn’t use ads at all. It doesn’t have as many reviews for fat burners since they do have other categories with reviews and content needed there, but whatever they do have, is quite good.
  2. Top 10 Supplements: Though the website’s definitely designed poorly and is rather made with a smartphone user in mind, you’ll forget about it once you actually take a look at it’s long list of fat burner reviews along with reviews for a lot of other supplements. The ads on the left promote the supplement store within the website but don’t come in the way of viewing articles. The website makes a kick for itself through amazon affiliates and once again it’s own store of products which raises a doubt about the genuinity of the review. However, after actually reading the review one can make out that it isn’t meant to trick people into buying any product they take a look at.
  3. Your Best Fat Burner: Seriously, what is it with fat burner review websites and poor design? We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Your best fat burner seriously needs to update its design because it rather looks more as a product promotion website rather than a review one. However, there are some pros to it. For example, an entire list of the fat burners reviewed has been placed on the right side so it’s just a matter of pressing ctrl+f and writing the keywords to check the review of the supplement you want. The content itself is well-organized and to-the-point, making it a good website if you’re not put off by design flaws.
  4. Ultimate Fat Burner: Finally, something that has a decent design and good content. Ultimate fat burner is definitely a website to visit if you prefer a more casual-style of reading a review. It’s informative, it’s fun to read and the ads displayed on it’s website are related to what you’re searching. It feels like nitpicking at this point, but it might be worth noting that you may not find a review for every fat burning supplement out there as it’s focused on a larger domain of fitness: bodybuilding.
  5. Supplement Tester: It seems like supplement tester really made a good impression with their amazing design (the best in the bunch so far) along with a lot of content so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. The one big ad placement on the left only promotes their own articles, thus keeping it strictly the content and where you can buy the product. The reviews do seem genuine and are extensive enough to provide a brief description of the company and what each ingredient in the supplement does.
  6. Best 5 Supplements: Though not very well known, Best 5 supplements has the look and feel of a top-end website that it will certainly be one day as the categories are presented neatly, and there are a ton of reviews about different supplements but sadly not a lot on fat burners itself. The reviews are a bit more complicated than the rest but the absence of any ads is a welcome addition (or subtraction?). They do seem a bit more on the critical side, however you probably shouldn’t be looking at just one website for an honest review anyway.
  7. Supplement Critique: Owned by Rob Miller, supplement critique is a website that had our attention because the reviews had one tiny little element that none of the other websites had: including a picture of the writer holding the product on his own hands and then presenting the review, thus giving us the surety that he’s actually bought the product and tested to review it instead of just taking some content from different website and creating one himself. Kudos to that and the good style of writing that kept us hooked
  8. Results-Sports: Don’t let the name fool you, the website isn’t about anything related to sports. As a matter of fact, the website is completely based on burning fat whether through natural sources or through supplements, and has a lot of reviews about the latter too. Design’s pretty good too, but surprisingly doesn’t have any pages with proper content at all. It’s just a bunch of links with the respective titles and that’s it. No pictures, introductory text or whatever. Opening up a review you’ll realize that the reason for a lack of description was because it’s promoting YouTube videos of fat burner reviews. However, it’s no reason to not put up a single paragraph that looks more professional. Of course, YouTube videos means that the person has tried and tested it for himself but once again to see if the review is truly genuine you’d have to take a look at other websites too.

Like we said in the start, there aren’t too many websites that review fat burners since most of it goes on YouTube nowadays, we hand picked a few that were out there and showed you the ones that are worth your time. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below!

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