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Best Fat Burners For Professional Athletes

The supplement market is extremely crowded. And, lets face it, to perform at your peak, athletes often use supplements to achieve a mixture of goals.

Once crucial goal for most athletes is the ability to cut weight. This especially applies to professional athletes that get drug tested. In this article we are going to look at what you should be looking for if you are an athlete wanting a safe, drug free fat burning supplement!

Just before we recommend a couple of fat burners to you, we thought we’d let you in on what you should be looking for as a professional athlete buying a fat burner. Boxer, soccer player, badminton player or runner, this list of 5 is something you should definitely be considering.

Top 3 Fat Burners for Professionals

Overall 1# – Instant Knockout 


A completely natural fat burner that uses nothing but common herbs and vitamins to give you the best fat burning experience possible.

Perfect for anyone with a heavy training regimen that also requires them to keep the weight off.

Used by:

  • Professional MMA Fighters John Dodson and Diego Sanchez
  • Fitness model Alexia Clark
  • MMA Trainer Greg Jackson


How to Spot a Safe Fat Burner for Atheltes

1. Buy Natural

This is crucial, if you are facing drugs tests especially. But with any supplement you should be looking for a safe natural product. All ingredients should be tested and profiled. Sites like Webmd.com and Examine.com are great for checking the quality of ingredients in supplements.

When looking for a fat burner specifically, keep a look out for these ingredients that have fat burning qualities from a natural source; green tea, caffeine, cayenne pepper are all examples of effective ingredients from natural sources that won’t show up on drugs tests. Check our list of fat burning ingredients here.

2. Buy a Recognized Brand Athlete Fat Burner

Found an affordable fat burner from a small amazon store? Forget it. Remember you’re going to be putting this product in your body for the next 30 days or so.

Do you really want some concoction that’s been made in a garage? Thought not. It’s easy to see how trustworthy something is by looking at the size of the company behind it. Do they have sponsored athletes or endorsements?

Do they regularly update their social media accounts and reply to customers? Can you pay online? (Yeah, seriously, some are so dodgy they might ask for a bank transfer.) If they do, you know they are legit. Move on to the next check. (www.optimumnutrition.com)

3. Buy Premium

Yes. Spend a little more. If the brand looks good, the ingredients stack up and you can see other people are getting involved with the product, then you know it’s not a fake. This is especially true with fat burners. Even more so when athletes are looking for fat burners.

You’ve got to ensure that you are paying for a product that’s safe. You can’t be failing drugs tests because a company slipped in a trace amount of something illegal. Generally with fat burners, and generally in life, the more you pay the better the product. If a career is riding on this, or even just one amateur game, it’s worth spending that little bit more.

4. Buy Something Other Athletes Use (or Soldiers!)

This is obvious. Ask buddies in the same sport for recommendations, or look at any personalities that use the product. Are they in a sport where they will get regularly tested?

If so you know you’re going to be just fine getting involved with this fat burner yourself. Also, as soldiers are heavily tested, they don’t use any old crap, check if any have bought it by searching online!

5. Buy Something that Shows You The Exact Dose and Ingredients

We’ve basically covered this above. But it’s easily the most important part of buying a fat burner as a professional athlete. Buy something where you can see the exact dose of every ingredient AND every ingredient that’s in it. In supplements there’s a thing could a propriety blend.

This basically means the company has to show the ingredients and not the dose. Now, while you might say “Hey you know what your taking, wheres the problem?” The problem is that you could be taking a huge amount of something that will negatively impact your training. You also could get ripped out. (Buy premium)

Winning Fat Burners for AthletesAnything else?

No not really. Below is a review product we KNOW that are 100% natural, athletes and soldiers have used, are made in approved facilities and have a customer service team that are very responsive. (Not to mention a VERY happy customer base).

Remember, the supplement market is very crowded. Check out the website, check who uses it and use the supplement correctly. We hope you get amazing results from whatever you choose and end up being the no.1 in your sport!

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