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Axis Labs Synthalean Fat Burner Review

If you are serious about cutting weight, then a solid fat burner can really speed things up ensuring effective, safe and quick results.

Axis Labs Synthalean is a good looking product from a big and trustworthy brand.

To get shredded and burn fat though, you need a special blend of ingredients to ensure your appetite is supressed, your metabolism is burning through fat and your kept focused and full of energy.

Some ingredients to do this are far superior than others. And need to be clinically dosed to get you any results. Let’s see if Synthalean is going to get you shredded.

Axis Labs Synthalean Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Remember that you need EXACT doses of certain ingredients to get the most from any fat burner.

We can’t tell exact doses in Synthalean because the company has hidden them into a ‘proprietary’ blend.

This means you can’t see the individual amounts of whats inside. More often than not, this a tactic used by companies to maximise profit by filling their product with cheaper, less effective ingredients.


A stimulant with similar effects to caffeine. Whilst early studies are promising on this ingredient, it’s worth noting that these were performed on rats. Human studies are yet to confirm it’s effects.


This will aid with focus and also take the edge off stimulants, allowing the energy to be channeled and also keeping cortisol (stress hormone) levels lower.

L-Theanine is good with caffeine especially, but requires a dose of 200mg to be truly effective.

Bitter Orange (Synephrine)

This ingredient looks similar, on a chemical level, to banned substance ephedrine.

Whilst this will increase your metabolism and provide you with energy, it has also been known to interact negatively in caffeine. A bit of a problem, as unwanted side effects can ruin any fat cut.


Proven and effective. This stimulant works against fat when you dose it throughout the day.

Remember too much and you’ll be prone to crashes and some side effects.

Let’s hope that Synthalean isn’t one of those rip off supplements that relies on caffeine to give you any effects.

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Axis Labs Synthalean Fat Burner Dose

We can’t see the individual doses of ingredients in this product.

This means in turns of dosing it’s impossible to say how effective it’s going to be. Another concern is that some of the ingredients could have negative interactions and side effects with each other if they’re dosed wrong.

Any effective fat burner uses about 3+ capsules per day to keep your metabolism boosted and your appetite down. Anything less will not be as effective.

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Axis Labs Synthalean Fat Burner Side Effects

There’s a lot of stimulants in this product. This could leave you prone to crashes and in a bit of a bad way if you take them too close to bed.

We can’t stress the importance of you checking tolerance too, as with the potential interactions between Synephrine and Caffeine leading to headaches, nausea etc, you don’t want to get caught out.

Axis Labs Synthalean Fat Burner Review Conclusion

The idea behind this product is good, with some focus coming from the L-Theanine, offering a good amount of focus when combined with the stimulants.

But overall, there’s just too much of a chance of this product being a silly capsule full of stimulants that won’t get you anything but side effects.

There’s a lot missing from Sythalean that stop it from being an amazing and reliable burner.

Green tea, Green Coffee and some essential minerals like Zinc are need to optimize your bodies fat burn.

Ultimate this is a good looking product and will serve you well if you are training very hard, but it isn’t a well rounded fat burner.

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