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Axe and Sledge Double Time Review

If you’re looking to hit off your Weight Loss plan, then you might be interested in what our Axe and Sledge Double Time Review has to say! Today, we’re going to be breaking down one of the newer names in the fat burning market.

It’s managed to garner some attention from branding alone. Seeing as the founder of the Axe and Sledge company is famous in the fitness industry! However, we’re not here to talk about what’s going on with the branding. No, we’re going to be offering our most unbiased opinion on the Double Time fat burning supplement!

Straight off the bat, you’ll notice that they kept a lot of things traditional so to speak. There’s a lot of familiar names on their ingredient list — which is good. However, there are a couple of things in this formula that are not necessarily normal.

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So, we have a good base to stand on, but the end result will really depend on how the Double Time will stand up against the fat burners that are at the current top of the market.

Will it be better than the rest?

That’s what we’re going to be trying to find out in the next part of our Axe and Sledge Double Time Review!

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Axe and Sledge Double Time Ingredients

The most important thing about any fat burner, are its ingredients. If the ingredients don’t match up to the company’s claims, then there’s really nothing to see here.

So, what is inside of the Axe and Sledge Double Time fat burner?

We already mentioned that there are some familiar names in here. Things like Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, Cayenne Pepper, and even Caffeine! However, there’s a bit of a dark cloud looming overhead as well. What with their use of a banned substance called Bitter Orange Extract.

The risk further doubles with the presence of Dandelion Extract, which is known for its dehydrative effects. There’s also a matter of concern when it comes to how certain ingredients were dosed.

Of course, all of that we’re going to be covering in our individual ingredient breakdown! Continue reading to learn more!

Axe and Sledge Double Time Review


Honestly, I’m a bit stumped at their first choice in ingredient. Now, to be sure, L-Tyrosine is something that we see in a lot of fat burners. However, for the most part, it’s mainly used for its nootropic benefits. Things like de-stressing and memory enhancement.

To be specific, L-Tyrosine is paired with ingredients like Caffeine to lessen the effects of jitteriness. It’s not a bad ingredient. However, it’s most definitely not a fat burning ingredient. If anything, else, it’s just a filler.

Caffeine Anhydrous

We run into the first (technically) fat burning ingredient in the Axe and Sledge Double Time. Caffeine is more commonly known for its energy-boosting benefits. Which, in a way, can help you lose weight. For one, you’ll have better motivation when it comes to working out.

That’s the purpose of most stimulants after all. To power you up for more activity.

Now, as an added bonus. Caffeine has also been said to effectively boost one’s metabolism. The only catch is, those effects have only been seen in people that are already fit. In fact, obese persons have not been seen to experience the same benefits.

Turmeric Root Powder

Turmeric is a popular spice used in a lot of traditional Indian Cooking. Recent times have also suggested that Turmeric can be used for its high in antioxidant benefits. There is some preliminary research that suggests that it might aid one lose weight.

However, that only exists in theory. More research would need to be done before anything can be proven true.

Green Tea

This is our first great ingredient! Green Tea, after all, has been proven (countless of times) to boost one’s metabolism. This is due to a compound called catechins, which has been said to heavily linked with the metabolic process.

However, and we mentioned this prior, there is a catch.

Most studies put Green Tea’s effectiveness at around 400-500 milligrams. That’s not really all that much when you really think about it. However, the Axe and Sledge Double Time fat burner misses that mark by a lot. There are only 250 milligrams here, which is not quite enough to make use of its effects at 100%.

Green Coffee Bean

Much like Green Tea, this particular ingredient has a compound that is said to be effective when it comes to burning fat. In this case, that ingredient is chlorogenic acid. Unfortunately, the ingredient’s benefits aside. There’s still much that need to be learned before we really know how to use it to its full potential.

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion Extract is a popular diuretic. AND no, that’s not a good thing. As an ingredient, it’s mostly used for temporary weight loss. I say temporary because all you’re really losing is water weight. Which is weight that will come back!

I dislike seeing Dandelion Extract in supplements because it makes people things that it has worked. When in reality, all they’re doing is depriving their bodies of much-needed hydration.

White Willow

Much like the first ingredient we discussed, this is primarily known as a nootropic ingredient. Unfortunately, there’s not much research to support even that. It could certainly do with some more scientific evidence to back it up.

Cayenne Pepper

A well-known thermogenic ingredient. It’s certain to help fire up your body in a way that can promote further weight loss! It’s their best-used ingredient here — as it is dosed properly.

Bitter Orange Extract

This is the banned substance that we were talking about earlier. Now, fortunately, they didn’t dose it quite high enough to cause the side-effects that are usually tacked onto it. However, because it is so underdosed, there really isn’t much it could do

Where to buy Axe and Sledge Double Time

Price: $39.99

At this time, the Axe and Sledge Double Time is selling at around $39.99. That’s not such a bad price. Although, it’s definitely skirting the line between premium price and mid-range pricing.

Each container comes with 60 capsules. Now, with 2 as their daily dosage, there should be enough here to last you over 30 days.

Axe and Sledge Double Time Side effects

There should be nothing in the Axe and Sledge Double Time that will cause too harsh of a side-effect. However, you should still watch out for signs of dehydration (due to the use of the diuretic — Dandelion Extract.)

Axe and Sledge Double Time Conclusion

The Axe and Sledge Double Time fat burner certainly received a lot of mixed opinions.

Axe and Sledge did a good job when it came to picking some of their ingredients. We have names like Green Tea, Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper, etc. Unfortunately, it did mess up a little with the mis-dosage of Green Tea.

It could have been a much better supplement if it had been more careful about how their ingredients were used. The fact that they have bitter orange extract in their formula, is also a fairly bad choice on their part. Sure, they kept the dosage low, but it’s also so low that all its really doing is filling up a spot that could have been replaced with a better ingredient.

Overall, whilst the Double Time put up a fair fight, it’s just not quite there yet. A little bit more polishing might have made it even better.

However, as it stands, I would still prefer to use everyone’s current favorites!

If you want to know what those are, check out our Top 3 Fat Burners list!

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