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About Fat Burner James

With over 7 years training hard, I decided to set up this site to help people make the right choice when choosing a fat burner.

Best Fat Burner – 2018 Awards

With 2018 just around the corner we thought we’d weigh in on what we think is going to be the best fat burner of 2018. 3 months isn’t a long time to decide what you are going to be doing for that summer weight cut. When you choose that all important fat burner for 2018’s… Read More »

Teatu Thermalix Review

Do Teatu Teatox need to stick with what they know? Or have they created a revolutionary fat burner? See what weight loss results you can expect from our Teatu Thermalix review. Teatu, as we’ve mentioned are the creators of a weight loss tea program. These programs don’t really work, from both a practical and scientific… Read More »

World Champion Bodybuilder Dies in Car Accident

An Argentinian World Champion bodybuilder died in a car accident last week. The crash which took place in Argentina also involved 4 other competitors. Tragically nobody in the car, driven by the champion Alejandra Rubio survived. Crashing into a lorry, the car burst into flames with very little left of the wreckage. The two drivers of… Read More »

BN Labs Natural Fat Burner Review

BN Labs are a US based supplement company who’s fat burner promises shredded and sexxxay abs. The name BN instantly makes us think of those classic biscuits, with the smiley face. Will BN Labs natural fat burner leave you avoiding biscuits and cutting back unwanted fat though? Or is it just another poorly dosed gimmick… Read More »

Somatox T5 Fat Burner Review

Somatox T5 is another T5 fat burner available on the market. Promising yet another formula based around the original T5’s Somatox have created a fairly standard looking fat burner. Using a blend of natural herbs and ingredients is essential for a safe fat burner. But only some of these ingredients are going to work for… Read More »

Dedicated Nutrition Relentless Review 

You are in good hands with Dedicated Nutrition. Their products are solid, look incredible and most are completely side effect free. Their latest supplement is Relentless. A fat burner designed to cut all the shit out of fat burning and get your body burning through unwanted fat. This product looks great. A solid looking bottle… Read More »

Warrior Princess Blaze Review

Getting sexy, shredded and stronger is something that can take serious time. But with a good fat burner, women (and men) can really cut down the time it takes to eradicate unwanted fat. Fat burners are everywhere in the fitness industry, promising the world to get you to your goals. But only some work. There’s… Read More »

Slimflow Diet Supplement Review

Slimflow looks shit. Whilst some diet pills are groundbreaking and look the part, the simple and weak branding of Slimflow is a little disappointing. Ingredients wise we are looking at a blend of b vitamins and amino acids, in summary. There are lots of fat burners and diet pills on the market at the minute… Read More »