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About Fat Burner James

With over 7 years training hard, I decided to set up this site to help people make the right choice when choosing a fat burner.

Metis Nutrition PyroStim Review

Fat burners need to have 3 important effects on your body to ensure you meet your fat loss targets. Metis Nutrtitions PyroStim is something that offers a 7-in-1 formula. Pyrostim is a fat burner that uses a few huge proprietary blends of different ingredients. The total of this massive list of ingredients is 700mg. 700mg… Read More »

Is Mr Olympia as Good as it Was?

We here all old guys talking about how the new athletes that stand on the Mr Olympia stage are freaks. And not normally in the good sense. They are spending their time harking back to the late 70’s and early 80’s when the Mr Olympia competition was dominated by today’s Golden Era Legends. Arnold Schwarzenegger,… Read More »

LipoxyDerm Firming Cream Review

Lipoxyderm is a miracle looking firming cream, that can apparently firm up the skin and spot reduce troublesome areas of fat. We’re extremely skeptical about products that promise any form of spot reduction as it is, near enough impossible. To effectively reduce fat in a certain area, you need to be training that area quite… Read More »

Blade Fat Burner Review

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner is a promising looking product from US company Blue Star. If you’re looking to cut away unwanted fat with a blade and seriously make progress on your weight loss program this could be the fat burner for you. Blade is widely available online and has the potential to make… Read More »

Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2 Review

Wanting to cut away fat in time for a bodybuilding show? Or just losing a bit to look rocking on the beach? Ironmags Labs fat burner could be the answer. LeanFuel V2 is the second version of a fat burner supplement from fitness website Ironmag Labs. The supplement looks fairly powerful and you’d think it… Read More »

Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder Review

The Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder is a fat burning supplement from a very strange looking website. As a supplement Oxy Powder is supposedly based on science, the explainer video, presented by a creepy looking doctor is worth a watch. But is Oxy Powder going to contribute to your weight loss and are the ingredients the… Read More »

Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit Review

Opti Fit is a fat burner from industry giants Optimum Nutrition that promises a hugely increased metabolism. When you’re looking to cut away that unwanted and annoying bit of fat, a product that boosts metabolism is absolutely essential. When you’re metbaolic rate is higher, your body is burning more and more calories. This means that… Read More »

Could the Tragedy of Rich Piana be Avoided? – Opinion

Known as one of the most straight talking athletes in the fitness industry, Rich Piana made a huge name for himself. Regularly talking openly about steroid use, the 46 year old Florida resident was recently found unconscious in his home after a phone call from girlfriend to emergency services. Read more about the campaign to… Read More »

Start Lifting Weights – 5 Essential Tips

Start Lifting Weights – 5 Essential Tips The majority of the people on this website will lift, or be looking at starting to. It’s one of those things, you go into it with the best of intentions but little things you won’t necessarily expect will come along and bite you on the ass. Hopefully, this… Read More »

Neat Nutrition Lean Boost Review

Burning fat can be pretty NEAT (for any physique nerds, that’s an acronym for non exercise thermogenesis). But will Neat Nutrition’s fat burner, Lean Boost offer fat burning benefits? Getting you cut down and feeling sexy and shredded might seem tough, even if it’s a tiny bit of stubborn body fat…but with a fat burner… Read More »