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Applied Nutrition Critical Cuts Fat Burner Supplement Review

When it comes to fat burner products, most of them come in the form of pills or capsules that you can take throughout the day- optimizing the fat burning effects of the supplement that you are taking. Thus, right from the get go we see something a little different when we compare normal fat burner supplements to Applied Nutrition’s Critical Cuts.

When taking critical cuts, one is meant to take seven different pills per day, rather than the normal 1-4. Not only that, but it’s important that you take each pill to maximize the effects of said supplement. This is because each pill are unique, each one having a different effect.

Which means that if you want to have all the promised benefits, you must consume every pill in the packets provided.

Applied Nutrition Critical Cuts Ingredients

Because of the way this supplement is formulated- with each pill meant to promote a different effect- we will go through the different colored pills rather than the ingredients specifically. Each pill type uses a variety of different ingredients, which makes the total count of ingredients used in this formula overwhelmingly large.

Thermogenic Complex (RED)

First, we’ll go through the pill that is meant to promote ‘thermogenic’ effects. To put it simply, this grouping should include ingredients that will not only help boost your body’s metabolism, but stimulate the fat cells of your body to burn more fat as well.

The two ingredients everyone is likely most familiar with is Caffeine and Kola Nut extract. The effects of both are the same, and it can be proven that Caffeine does in fact help boost a person’s metabolic rates.

However, it is important to remember that studies have showed better results for people who are already lean. Meaning, that people who are obese or have just started exercising recently, might not experience the same results as someone who is already active and has a healthy diet.

The red pill has a number of other ingredients, most of which aren’t known to promote significant effects.

Metabolic Complex (GREEN)

The promised benefits of this pill does not differ too much from the previous, with its main benefit being its relationship with a person’s level of body fat and metabolism. There are some noteworthy ingredients here, especially the ones that include Caffeine.

In fact, one could say that the most notable ingredients here are green tea extra and coffee bean extract. Which, once again, include Caffeine. Outside of that, the green pill doesn’t seem to promise anything different from the red.

Thyroid Complex (PURPLE)

The purple pill is meant to help maintain normal thyroid function. A notable ingredient used in the making of this pill is L-Tyrosine, which is meant to help boost mental functions- helping one focus throughout the day.

Diuretic Complex (BLUE)

The blue pills is meant to help decrease the effects of water retention, allowing for a slimmer look with the lost of water weight.

Nootropic Complex (BLACK)

This includes the ingredients that are meant to help you boost the capacities of your mind. Helping you focus and become more alert throughout the day. A notable ingredient is Choline, which can also be found in Kola Nut extract and certain teas. It’s said to be able to bring around a sense of alertness.

Much like drinking regular tea. The caffeine in the tea provides energy, whilst the Choline is said to add a level of focus that comes from a strange mixture of calm and alertness.

Cortisol Inhibiting Complex (WHITE)

Cortisol is the stress hormone, it’s what keeps you up at night and what triggers your fight or flight instincts. Whilst it a hormone that is naturally produced in the body, cortisol build up can lead to obesity and a break down of lean muscle mass. Thus, if you want to keep fit, then you need to stay calm and not stress.

Bioavailability Complex (YELLOW)

The yellow pill is said to include ingredients that maximize the effects of the other ingredients in the formula. It does this by ensuring that nutrients and key vitamins are consumed efficiently and at a rate that boosts effectiveness.

Applied Nutrition Critical Cuts Dose

There are 32 servings per pack of Critical Cuts. Each serving is separated into little packets that include all seven pills inside. Each color should be taken everyday, and it is recommended that one take it early in the morning, accompanied by a meal.

Does Critical Cuts work?

There are ingredients used in the supplement that are effective, and said ingredients seems to exist in the proper doses. However, a majority of the other ingredients have not shown any promise when it comes to their supposed fat burning effects.

Where to buy Critical Cuts?

The fat burner supplement can me purchased here. The price of it is around 35-40 US Dollars, which is fairly average. One container should be enough to last someone a whole month, and then some- with 32 servings.

Applied Nutrition Critical Cuts Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Although the concept seemed promising, there is an overwhelming number of unnecessary ingredients, that show no promise. If you would like to see what differentiates Critical Cuts from a high-quality fat burner supplement, I would recommend checking out our Top 3 Fat Burners review.

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