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API Fat Burner Advanced Review

API Fat Burner advanced is a naturally based and supposedly well balanced fat burner that can help increase metabolism and increase levels of energy.

It looks good and the ingredients used in each capsule seem ok, but there are a couple of questions you should be asking before you commit to buying this product.

To get absolutely shredded you need to boost your metabolism to burn more calories and fat. You also need a good and safe amount of energy. This will make the fat burning and weight loss process far more comfortable.

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API Fat burner looks good and does have good ingredients, but as we’ve mentioned this will also heavily depend on the doses of each capsule.

Let’s see if it’s going to get you shredded.

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API Fat Burner Advanced Core Ingredients

Ingredients wise API Fat burner uses some fairly standard fat burning ingredients at an average dose.

The reason the dose is most likely average is the fact that this budget fat burner actually uses a proprietary blend. So it’s very likely, if not assured that you are going to be getting a product that’s packed with cheaper and less effective ingredients.

The other risk is that it could cause unwanted side effects. Due to the combination and the potentially risky dose that’s in it.

Some of the ingredients in API Fat burner will have an effect. It’s just not going to be huge.


Kola Nut Extract

Whilst this is a natural ingredient, it’s highly caffeinated. Which when combined with other stimulants can cause unwanted side effects. Another reason to be cautious of highly caffeinated ingredients, is they can cause these effects when combined with synephrine. Which is present in Grapefruit extract.


Coffee contains caffeine which is an essential fat burning ingredient. It’ll help boost metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn. Not only this, caffeine is heavily researched and on it’s own is completely safe to supplement as well as effective.


Has been studied and there isn’t yet conclusive proof that cinnamon can help with fat loss. It’s thought that this common spice can help regulate blood sugar. To try and get it’s effects you need more than a full serving of API Fat Burner to get any effect.


An amino acids that’s found in lots of meats. L-Carnitine helps with the transfer of energy into cells. It can help with weight loss, but generally requires you to be training extremely hard and also dosing it at around 800mg+ through the day.

Green Tea

An essential fat burning herb. One that can help with the breakdown of fatty acids and provide a major source of antioxidants. Green tea needs to be supplemented at around 500mg a day to work it’s magic.


Cayenne will heat up your organs internally. Your bodies reaction to this is to cool down. It’ll need to burn through calories and energy to do this, making Cayenne another essential ingredient to any good fat burner.

API Fat Burner Advanced Dose

You get 4 capsules a day with API fat burner advanced. This is similar to some of our high end supplements. The problem though is that the dose is low with the overall ingredients.

Additionally API have used a proprietary blend which means you cannot see exactly what goes into this product. When green tea, the most effective ingredient in this supplement needs around 500mg to truly work, chances are you are being sold something weak. For a cheap price of course.

API Fat Burner Advanced Side Effects

The mix of stimulants in this product could cause some unwanted side effects. Generally these will be headaches, nausea and sickness. If you react badly. You may be safe due to the fact the dose of the ingredients is lower, but honestly we wouldn’t take any risks.

Where to buy API Fat Burner Advanced

You can buy API Fat Burner advanced for £15 from Dolphin Fitness.

This may seem like a good price but this fat burner is a far cry from the quality and potential effectiveness of a premium fat burner.

If you want serious results in a 30 day period, you need to be looking at fat burners like our top 3. These represent better overall value to due higher quantities of proven ingredients.

API Fat Burner Advanced Review Conclusion

We’re not impressed with this fat burner.┬á Sure it’s only ┬ú15. But it’s ┬ú15 wasted.

It’s got a weak blend that’s propped up with ineffective ingredients and a fairly risky blend of stimulants. It’s benefits are that it does use natural ingredients and green tea. But then the results you will get from this cannot be guaranteed.

Coupled with this the blend is proprietary so you literally cannot see anything that you are taking. Very frustrating.

You’re far better off spending your money on one of our tried and tested top 3 fat burners.

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