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Alternascript NatureThin Fat Loss Supplement Review

Occasionally a new fat burner is released that really try’s new ways to keep us burning fat. US supplements company Alternascript have now given us their weight loss offering, NatureThin.

This fat loss product promises to use a scientifically engineered blend to help you cut back unwanted weight.

This product looks pretty clean and clinical. This instills a sense of trust. But will it actually work and beat our number #1? Or is it just another useless fat burner for the pile.

Alternascript NatureThin Fat Loss Supplement Ingredients

Compared to other top fat burners  the ingredients list in this product is lacking. In a very big way. We completely understand the need for certain vitamins and minerals when it comes to cutting weight, but ultimately you’re going to need a lot more in your arsenal.

Couple with a price that’s over $40, you are essentially getting one very expensive vitamin pill with NatureThin.

The three ‘fat loss’ ingredients in here haven’t really been studied for this purpose, so it’s doubtful you will get good results. Alternascript have also put them in a proprietary blend, which means we can’t actually see the individual doses. What are they hiding?


It’s good to see lots of major vitamins in this product. They will help with most bodily functions and so you’ll feel healthier. As for actively burning fat? This won’t happen.

Moringa Oleifera

There is no evidence to support the use of this herb as something that will aid weight loss. It’s just another herb with a weird name, that may help people with asthma. There are proven ingredients like Green Tea that will literally burn away fat, Moringa doesn’t come close.

Murraya Koenigii

There are some potential lipid and fat reducing benefits to this ingredient. Known as Curry Leaves, this is a largely untested ingredient, but may have a little bit of promise.

The dosing needs to be fairly high. Alternascript have hidden the exact amount in this, which is frustrating and means you don’t know what your results will be.

Curcuma Longa (Turmeric)

There’s lots online about this ingredient turning ‘bad fat good’ and whilst people do seem to have had success, our research found that lots of these pages were actually selling Turmeric supplements so can’t really be trusted.

This ingredient, as with the other 2 in NatureThin, requires actual scientific study before it can be vounched for. As such you are better off using a natural alternative like Green Coffee bean for now.

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Alternascript NatureThin Fat Loss Supplement Dose

2 capsules. This isn’t enough for a fat burner. Even if this was a perfect blend of fat burning ingredients like Instant Knockout, you still wouldn’t get the results with only 2 capsules per day!

For an effective fat burner you need 3-5 capsules, ensuring that your body is burning extra calories and fat at all times through the day.

Alternascript NatureThin Fat Loss Supplement Side Effects

You won’t get any side effects from this fat loss supplement which is a good thing in one sense. But on the other hand there is literally nothing in here powerful enough to give you any.

We are pretty sure that you won’t even get any real results from it at all. It’s just an overpriced vitamin pill, not a serious weight loss supplement like in our top 3.

Alternascript NatureThin Fat Loss Supplement Review Conclusion

Ultimately there are far better supplements for weight loss and fat burning. We understand that this has only natural ingredients, which is great. But so do our entire top 3. The difference is that our top 3 use scientifically backed ingredients and clinically proven doses.

If you are deadly serious about losing weight, then we think you should be looking at our top 3.  Alternascript-NatureThin-Fat-Loss-Supplement-Review

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