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ALR Industries Viper Hyperdrive Review

Hyperdrive Your Way to No Sleep

You need to burn away that belly fat as fast and as easy as possible. Right?

A good fat burner is something that can hugely help burn away any unwanted fat, no matter what your level.

It’s important you get a supplement that provides you with full doses of clinically proven NATURAL ingredients. This ensures the weight you burn away, stays away.

It also limits side effects.

Viper Hyperdrive is a fat burner that uses various stimulants and other herbs to do it’s job.

ALR industries have hidden the individual doses of these ingredients into a proprietary blend, meaning you literally cannot see the individual doses of what you are taking.

ALR Industries Viper Hyperdrive Core Ingredients

The ingredients list looks a little daunting on Viper Hyperdrive, with a massive proprietary blend being the main focus of the product.

This 375mg blend contains various stimulants to boost your metabolism and energy levels. This ensures an increased calorie burn through the day.

The problem however is that generally with a large amount of stimulants, come potential side effects. This worsens when you don’t know what amount of stimulants you are supplementing.

ALR Industries Viper Hyperdrive Ingredients


Citrus Aurantium extract for example, is a stimulant that is chemically similar to banned substance ephedrine. This has been known to harmfully interact with caffeine and cause side effects at the wrong dose.

As there is 150mg of caffeine in a single capsule of ALR Industries Viper Hyperdrive it’s fair to say that the amount of Citrus Aurantium will interact with this.

Test your tolerance to a single capsule.

Yohimbine is another ingredient in here, thought to be a good appetite suppressor, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer and eat less calories. Again though, you can’t see the dose so it’s hard to tell if it will work.

On the whole the ingredients list in Viper Hyperdrive is very much stimulant led. Without going into the boring science of it all, this is a product that can only be supplemented for a limited amount of time and also won’t be as effective as others out there.

ALR Industries Viper Hyperdrive Dose

The dose of caffeine you get from a single capsule of ALR Industries fat burner is extremely high and something which should be tested first.

You take up to 3 capsules per day, which equals to 450mg of caffeine. Slightly over a 200-300mg dose that avoids side effects but keeps your metabolism burning.

3 capsule per day, with a stronger and more varied set of fat burning ingredients is ideal though. Offering a decent amount of fat burning through the day.

ALR Industries Viper Hyperdrive Side Effects

There will be some.

The high level of stimulants will likely mean you experience energy crashes and jitters, especially if you have a low tolerance.

Paired with unknown amounts of other stimulants and you leave yourself open to headaches, nausea and vomiting. This is especially a concern due to the Citrus Aurantium content of the product.

ALR Industries Viper Hyperdrive Review Conclusion

ALR Industries have created a fairly generic propreitary blend of stimualants with this product.

Whilst we are sure you will get some positive effects, like increased mood and faster metabolism, sadly you are also buying a product that leaves you very prone to side effects.

This will be especially true after sustained use.

You need a natural product that offers a more rounded and effective approach to fat burning, not just a capsule full of stimulants, if you are going to be cutting down.


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