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Alpha Nutrition A5 Fat Burner Review

A5 promises to be a next generation fat burner from Alpha Nutrition and Aarron Lambo.

In this  a5 Fat Burner Review we will take a look and see if this fat burner will get you shredded in time for the beach. Or if it’s fairly small list of ingredients is just going to take you 2 steps back.

Fat burning isn’t an easy process. It requires a lot from you, and the supplement just makes it loads easier.

It’s important when choosing a fat burner you get something with clincal doses of proven ingredients. And NOTHING that will give you any negative side effects.

Let’s take a look and see if A5 is going to be the fat burner for you.

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Alpha Nutrition A5 Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The 5 ingredients are all nautral. Which is a great start and something you need in any fat burning supplement.

Chemical compounds can cause side effects which will just cause you to put weight back on.

There’s a LOT of stimulants in here though, just at fairly small doses. This is a little disappointing.


Caffeine is pretty much essential in any fat burner. This ingredient provides you with energy and focus. But most importantly, will help fire up your metabolism.

This in turn will burn extra calories through the day. For best results you need 300mg of caffeine across 3 to 4 doses.

This supplement is a little under dosed on this front.

Green Coffee

Green coffee can help with insulin levels and essential help blocking the body from storing excess fat.

Another essential ingredient in any product, best at 100mg. You are getting more than enough from A5.

Bitter Orange

This is toted as a big thing in fat burning. But for some people Bitter Orange can get you unwated side effects.

This is due to this ingredient being fairly similar to banned substance ephedrene.

Not only that bit Bitter Orange has also been shown to have negative interactions with caffiene. Be careful.

Scutellaria Lateriflora

Generally this ingredient has been known to reduce anxiety and calm people down.

There is limited information available from the scientific community to state wheter it is an effective fat burner. A bit of a gimmick more than anything!

Paullinia Cupana

Or guarana, another stimulant that will have psychoactive effects in keeping you energised and focused at the right dose, but will have limited results when it comes to fat burning.

A little frustrating really!

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Alpha Nutrition A5 Fat Burner Dose

Everything in this supplement is dosed a little too low to have real results.

Whilst this supplement may be cheap in terms of price, this is generally because it’s only got 5 ingredients. 3 of which will work, in higher doses and serving sizes, and two which won’t.

If you are serious about cutting weight this won’t get you the results you need because of this.

Alpha Nutrition A5 Fat Burner Side Effects

There may be some slight side effects from the interactions between caffeine and synephrine (bitter orange) in this product.

However the doses of the ingredients are so low you should be ok.

We’d still recommend a little bit of caution when supplementing for the first time though.

Alpha Nutrition A5 Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a reasonable product for a cheap fat burner. But don’t expect any serious results unless you are going crazy with training.

There are better burners out there, with higher doses of more ingredients that can get you results.

A5 fails to offer any appetite suppression also, which is a bit of a problem for a product.

You’re better off investing in Instant Knockout or Transparent Labs fat burner. This way you cannot fail.

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