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Alpha Labs Alpha Shred Fat Burner Review

Alpha Labs Alpha Shred Fat Burner Review, this is a full review of this product from Australian supplements company Alpha Labs!

This product at first glance looks like a fairly reasonable blend of key fat burning ingredients.

Personally there is nothing better than getting on a healthy diet and cutting some weight down. My GF loves it and I feel incredible. A solid fat burner is just what you need.

Will Alpha Labs take my number #1 fat burner spot though? The product and company look trustworthy, premium and reliable. Let’s see if it delivers.

Alpha Labs Alpha Shred Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Alarm bells should be ringing straight away if you are thinking about buying this product. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients.

This essentially means you can’t see the individual doses of anything thats in it. Why are we sure this is bad?

9 times out of 10 this is companies filling a supplement with cheaper ingredients, rather than the most effective premium ones. Another thing to consider is if this product will cause side effects? A wrong dose of something that’s hidden could cause problems.

That aside let’s see the core working ingredients of this product. Anything not mentioned is doubtfully worth your time, as there won’t be enough studies conducted on it, or it just won’t work!


L-Carnitine is a pretty good addition to a fat burner, but only if you are working out regularly. What it does is allow more fatty acids to cross into cells, meaning that if you are burning through energy the body will use more as fat.

An effective dose of this would be around 2000mg, it’s likely heavily under dosed in Alpha Shred. Frustrating.

Green Tea

Great! Green tea is a proven fat burner. When used it supplements it promotes the use of stored fat as energy by aiding the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver.

It also provides an increase in metabolism. This is worth supplementing if you are losing weight.


A proven ingredient. More energy, increased metabolism and better focus. This has been backed by countless studies and should be supplemented through the day for best fat burning results.

Garcinia Cambogia

Studies have found that this ingredient does not work for weight loss when supplemented. Whilst there are some studies that say HIGH supplementation could lead to some minor results, ultimately supplementation of this product didn’t work for those in the trial.


Acting supposedly as a stimulant. Evodiamine is largely untested. This is not to say that it doesn’t work however, but a study with mice saw minimal results from this ingredient, so there is a very slim chance that it will actually benefit you in any way.

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Alpha Labs Alpha Shred Fat Burner Dose

3 capsules is one serving. This isn’t bad as it ensures you are keeping yourself supplemented with the few effective ingredients in here throughout the day.

Our current #1 uses proven ingredients and 4 capsules evenly through the day to promote effective fat loss and will work better than Alpha Shred.

Alpha Labs Alpha Shred Fat Burner Side Effects

There’s nothing in here that could cause anything too harmful, other than maybe keeping you up if it relies on caffeine too heavily. But you can avoid this just by not taking it too closely to bed.

Alpha Labs Alpha Shred Fat Burner Cost

Around $60.00 AUS from alphalabs.com.au. This is very expensive for a product that uses a proprietary blend.

There are a couple of good fat burning ingredients in here, but we can’t tell if they are in the correct doses and there is some stuff that is unproven. You’d be better off ordering our #1 that ships worldwide in under 7 days.

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Alpha Labs Alpha Shred Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This product has a couple of reasonable ingredients in it. But ultimately falls hugely short of anything that will deliver proper results.

Alpha labs have hidden the amount of ingredients away in a blend, so you have no exact doses, which is very stupid.

With this price tag it’s just not worth and you could get a premium fat burner like Instant Knockout that has worldwide shipping.

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