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ALPHA CUTS Fat Burner & Pre-Cardio Supplement Review

Finally, we have the new Alpha Cuts ‘fat burner’ powder from Alpha Pro supplements. A fat burning pre workout powder that promises dizzying effectiveness and is so POTENT it needs to be cycled. So, you’re thinking, should I buy this?

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Alpha Cuts Ingredients List
Ingredients in Alpha Cuts

First off its noting that the ingredients in Alpha Cuts are a propriety blend. So, we can’t see the exact amounts of whats in there other than the caffeine. It’s always smart to be skeptical of blends like this because you never really know what you are paying for. Even more so in a tub of powder. Anyway, lets take a look at the main ingredients in Alpha Cuts.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

A staple fat burning ingredient. You don’t need to be talked at about the benefits of this in a supplement that gets you shredded. So what about the amount? 299mg can be an effective amount, but maybe a little on the low side.


Commonly used as a fat burner and also a nootropic. It needs to be dosed at around 500mg+ for it to be effective. But, the problem here is that the true amount you are getting isn’t listed. Anything above 2000mg isn’t safe, but we can’t imagine you’ll be getting all that much in a scoop of this. Studies have shown that it does indeed have minor effects on cognitive function, but little effects on other areas. On thing to consider however is that as a chemical compound and not a natural substance like the caffeine, it could lead to some unwanted side effects. When looking for a fat burner, it’s safer and generally more effective to stick to products that clearly state the ingredients and doses. All ingredients ideally should be natural.

Higenamine Hydrochloride

Similar to Ephendrine, this fat burning ingredient present in Alpha Cuts isn’t backed by any scientific studies that can be found. Presumably, the dose should be around the same as Ephedrine for it to be effective. But, let’s face it, without the ingredients being stated, you’ve got no idea how much you are getting and it’s pretty doubtful that it’s going to be an effective dose.

Alpha-Hydroxyiscocaproic Acid (HICA)

This is another name for Leucic acid. Basically an amino acid. This will help prevent muscle breakdown while training. In theory. Needing a hearty daily dose of 500mg per serving, you’re not going to be getting an effective amount again. The problem here is, that this product is also known for being fairly expensive. We couldn’t find enough evidence to support this being added into your fat burner either.


While it’s interesting to see a pre workout/fat burner as a powder, this can only mean problems for the dosing. You can’t guarantee what amount of each ingredient you are going to be getting and it’s seriously easy to over/under dose with a powder.

2018 Alpha Cuts Review Update

What’s the biggest bummer about the Alpha Cuts? Well, that would have to be the fact that the entire formula is mixed into a proprietary blend. Usually, companies that use blends like this have something to hide.

Like we said before, there are good ingredients in here. However, because they’re inside of┬áa┬áproprietary blend, we cannot be certain that any of them will actually┬áwork.┬áIt’s a waste of a potentially good fat burner.

Now, if you’re still looking for the fat burner that can get you the body of┬áyour dreams. Then I suggest you check out our 2018 Top 3 Fat Burner Review. You’ll find┬áeverything┬áyou need there.

Alpha Cuts Review Conclusion

While this has got some of the right ingredients going for it, it’s a shame to see them wasted by being inside a proprietary blend. ┬áThere’s a few in here that haven’t had a whole load of research in them either. Thats why I’d avoid this particular supplement. If you are looking for a solid fat burner, with a full list of ingredients that are completely natural and safe, you should check out our number #1 fat burner


Alpha Cuts 3/5 Rating
Our score for Alpha Cuts

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