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After Burner Fat Burner Review

After Burner is a new weight loss supplement introduced by Magnum Nutraceuticals that is designed to not just support the process of fat burning, but also enhance weight loss while you sleep, which makes it pretty interesting. 

Our problem here is that, whilst the body is resting, it’s largely inactive and so won’t be burning much fat to use as energy.

If you are serious about burning fat you need to be looking for products that you dose through the day whilst your metabolism is peaked.


A classic combination of white and red is what makes up for the major portion of the packaging for this one.

While it isn’t that bad, it could have been a lot better considering the fact that the book does get judged by its cover a lot of times.


The rather surprising fact about After Burner is that it has a very rough draft of the ingredients it packs in, and some of its ingredients are rather unusual to be found in a weight loss supplement. Let’s take a closer look at those.After Burner

Fucoxanthin Extract

Fucoxanthin is one of the best ingredients in this fat burner supplement, simply because it is exceptionally effective at thermogenesis.

When taken in the right amount, it tends to increase the production of energy for the body from fat, which basically means better fat burning for the body.

Again though, as the body digests this, you will be asleep, so energy expenditure will be low, meaning it may be slightly in effective.

Sesamin Extract

Sesamin extracts have been found to be exceptionally helpful in improving kidney health, increasing antioxidant activity and also enhancing the production of anabolic hormones.

Studies have confirmed its effectiveness in boosting the fat burning process of the body, and also stopping inflammation in the body thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Hops Extract

Hops extracts contain fat burning molecules known as isohumulones which help decrease body fat by several mechanisms.

While the total percentage of hops extracts present in After Burner is yet to be known, it does seem like a promising ingredient to be added.

Grains of Paradise Extract

Grains of paradise extracts have been in use in traditional medicine since a long time now and they posses a number of health benefits associated with their consumption apart from the obvious weight loss benefits.

The thing is with this ingredient, it’s not scientifically proven. So we doubt you will get any results from it.


Piperine extracts are probably the best to be added in a fat burner supplement.

It improves the absorption of the nutrients in blood and also enhances active nutrient transport which makes sure your body gets the best of what it needs.

In fact, when combined with other of these ingredients, it works incredibly well and boosts fat burning tremendously. 

This ingredient features in our top 3 fat burners.


According to Magnum Nutraceuticals, After Burner is best taken in the form of 3 capsules a day, right before bed.


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A bottle containing 72 capsules is priced at $39.99, a high price tag for something that is working as you sleep.

If you are wanting a proven fat burner, then we would recommend one with stimulants and one that works WITH your body through the day. 


All in all, After Burner is supplement with some fairly good ingredient, however we doubt any results will come from night time supplementation of a product that requires your body to burn stored energy. 

There are better stim free fat burners on the market, or if you are serious about burning fat, check out our top 3.

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