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Af Supplements Ripped AF Review

Steel manufacturer had released a supplement called Ripped AF, this is marketed as an all natural weight loss supplement. Supposedly, taking the supplement will help with satiation, making you not only eat less but burn fat at the same time.

These ingredients don’t promise just to burn fat, they supposedly help boost your testosterone levels as well – thus making it easy for you to build up muscle.

There have even been claims that such effect is apparent within a couple days after having taken the supplement for the first time.

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There are only two main ingredients involved in the making of this product, averaging at 5mg potency each.

As for the serving size, the label warns from ingesting more than one-half of a tablet for the first 30 days, or at least until you have been able to assess how much it will affect you. With that in mind, the 20 tablets in the container turn into 40 servings.

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Ingredients of Ripped AF

As mentioned, there are only two main ingredients involved in the making of this supplement. Both specifically chosen for their natural nature that not only promises amazing results.

There are other ingredients included as well, although how much of them is involved in the making of the actual tablets is not known – as their dosages have not been mentioned.

What are these ingredients that are promising the

se kind of amazing results and why are their dosages so small? How effective are they really? The following is a breakdown of the ingredients stated on the label:

Yohimbe Hydrochloride

There’s no denying that Yohimbe Extract offers a certain effectiveness when it comes to the loss of fat. However, it’s mainly effective in the fasting sense. Which means, that eating whilst taking it makes the supplement less effective.

Where does it come from?

Yohimbe is extracted from a specific species of tree that can be found in central and west Africa. Specifically, it comes from the bark of the tree. How potent it is, may rely on what area of the trunk you extract the chemical from.

This might lead to some ineffectiveness in certain supplements.

In fact, there had been researchers who had looked into the matter of Yohimbe in supplements and had found that the amount “…was less than it would be in the tree’s bark. They also found that many of the products had things that aren’t normally in yohimbe bark.”

Leading others to believe that it might not be as potent as the FDA approved Yohimbe Hydrochloride that can be found in highly regulated prescription drugs.

How is it used?

It had previously been used in Africa as an ingredient that was known for treating sexual ailments- erectile dysfunction being the most notable, although it had also been used to supposedly increase the sex drive in women.

The chemical inside Yohimbe, called Yohimbine, is what makes all of this work. It can “…increase blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis or vagina-” as well as “…inhibit fat loss.”

It’s said to be safe to ingest as far as “…0.2mg/kg body weight.” Which means that the 2.5 milligrams of Yohimbine recommended in Ripped AF should be safe for most adults.

Although, as mentioned, supplements containing to have Yohibime are not as straightforward as they seem – some having way less than promised and others having potentially different levels of potency.

Side-effects / Risks

Despite what the manufacturers might claim, this natural ingredient has actually been known to cause some rather scary side-effects.

In a study conducted with dosages exacted at around 0.4 milligrams per kilogram of weight, the subjects experienced notable increases in “…anxiety and cortisol as well as the heart parameters of blood pressure and heart rate, [for] both inactive and active healthy males.”

These changes had happened immediately, within 20-40 minutes after having consumed the supplement to be in fact. So whilst the dose involved in Ripped AF is under the dose that is known to cause side-effects, it wouldn’t hurt to check with your doctor how it might affect you before taking it.


There was a study conducted on a small subject pool of 20 people which had led to the decrease in fat mass. Note, this test was conducted on professional soccer players, with the study lasting less than a month (21 days to be exact.)

With 20 milligrams of yohimbine being consumed daily, at separate times of the day, there were no notable side-effects, however, there was also no increase in performance. Body fat percentage had actually dropped from “…9.3% to 7.1%.”

Bitter Orange Extract

There are a lot of inconsistencies involved in the use of Bitter Orange Extract. Ironically, it’s used for both increasing one’s appetite as well promote weight loss. Which makes you wonder how effective it is on either side.

Much like Yohibime, it has been prohibited before for certain use because of the effects it has been said to have on a person’s blood pressure and heart rate – which were all known to be rather negative. It has been long since banned from the NCAA.

Again, if you’re considering taking this, having a talk with your doctor first would be best, as taking this might affect you negatively.

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Where to Buy?

Ripped AF is actually fairly affordable and can be purchased for as low as $32.99 here. This is a good price for the available servings and can be bought pretty simply. All you have to do is add it to your cart and confirm the purchase.

Does it Work?

There is no denying that the ingredients do work. If taken in the recommended dosages it shouldn’t be too harmful despite the scary side-effects. Yohibime specifically has been known to burn fat. The studies involved had higher doses, with not so drastic results. So the small dosage in Ripped AF might even be less effective.

Af Supplements Ripped AF Review Conclusion

Whilst this is something that is known to work, I would be wary of suggesting it to anyone that I didn’t personally know. It could be very effective if used responsibly, however, too much of it has been proven to be harmful.

If you’re looking for something that is not only scientifically approved by highly acclaimed, I would recommend reading through our Top 3 Fat Burner review. At the top of the list is something called Instant Knockout which is something I can safely suggest to everyone, unlike Ripped AF.

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