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Advanced Sports Nutrition Red Volt Fat Burner Review

Advanced Sports Nutrition Red Volt Fat Burner Review

If you are considering buying this supplement then it’s fair to say you are serious about losing weight.┬áAdvanced Sports Nutrition Red Volt Fat Burner contains an FDA banned substance.

This means it’s unsafe. While we are going to review this product as normal, we cannot recommend something that can cause harm to any of our valued readers, so would recommend you invest a little more time in finding something safe and natural that works.


Scary, and it’s scary for a reason. Red Volts packaging is red. In all honesty it doesn’t look like too much of a trusted brand either. The whole thing looks and feels a little on the cheap side.

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Ephedra Extract

Ephedra extract is what this supplement is all about and its core ingredient. While there are some positives to this ingredient, we’d always recommend steering clear where possible. This is a banned substance in many countries. Combined with caffeine and bitter orange, ephedra will most likely cause nausea and headaches in many who decide to take Red Volt fat burner. This combination is dangerous and won’t get you serious fat burning results. ┬á


Caffeine is an absolute must for anyone serious about burning fat. It’s good to see it being used in this fat burner. The problem is that you will be taking 225mg in one capsule. Ideally, if you are buying something that contains caffeine you want the energy spread through the day to avoid crashes and jitters. Look for a product that has between 250-300mg across 3 or 4 doses.

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange peel, or citrus aurantium is a stimulant. It contains a large amount of sypherine. This is a compound not too dissimilar to ephedrine. The difference is there is very little known about bitter orange peel and often people have reported side effects after its interacted with caffeine.

Yohimbe Matrix

A study into Yohimbe, which is supposedly a stimulant took place on a group of football players over a 21 day period. No improvements in this study were recorded. Conversely, it has been mentioned that Yohimbe can actually cause some side effects.


Acting supposedly as a stimulant. Evodiamine is largely untested. This is not to say that it doesn’t work however, but a study with mice saw minimal results from this ingredient. Another problem with this ingredient being in Red Volt, is that it also serves as a mild stimulant, which means it could potentially interact with the other stimulant ingredients. Use with caution.


One capsule per day, with or without food. One capsule is absolutely enough. You don’t want to over do the ingredients in this supplement. You shouldn’t really risk it at all. In terms of dose though, this is safe and correct.

If you are looking for a proper fat burner, and not something risky and illegal, look for something that is spread throughout the day with 3-4 capsules. This means you won’t get any crashes and get maximum results from all ingredients.


Currently $43.95, which is expensive for a generally cheap product that could carry so much risk. If you are investing this money and willing to take this risk we strongly recommend taking a look at our top 3 supplements. They are safe AND proven.


This product is far from worth the risk. Chances are it will lead to strong side effects and even if you got some good energy or even results, it’s not sustainable so you would soon be looking for an alternative. If you want a good fat burner, you want something natural and proven safe. Paying more generally means you get a better product. Take a look at our current top 3.┬á



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