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Advanced Molecular Labs Thermo Heat Review

Cutting away fat can seem like a daunting task, but there are solid proven fat burners out there that can really help make it a whole lot easier.

Advanced Molecular Labs latest product is Thermo Heat. A huge blend of natural ingredients that aims to help boost your metabolism and burn your way to six pack abs.

We don’t like proprietary blends at What Fat Burner and nor should you. It basically means you can’t see the doses of individual ingredients in a product you are taking.

This means it could be full of cheaper less effective ingredient (most common way for supplement companies to make money) or worse it could cause unwanted side effects.

Let’s take a closer look at what goes into Thermo Heat and see if it’s worth your money.

Advanced Molecular Labs Thermo Heat Core Ingredients

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The blend in Thermo Heat is 1260mg, which is about right for a natural fat burner.

The problem with the proprietary blend though, is that you need some ingredients to be dosed at around 500mg for them to get you any real results.

There’s also a few stimulants in here which if dosed incorrectly could cause you some unwanted side effects.

Let’s take a closer look at the core ingredients in Advanced Molecular Labs fat burner and see if it will get you results.

Bitter Orange /Synephrine

Also known as Citrus Aurantium.
Synephrine is the compound found within the unripe fruit of Citrus Aurantium. It has been shown to have the same effects as ephedra or ephedrine, without being able to be converted to methamphetamines.
It is shown to increase metabolic rate, fat break down, thermogenesis and also shown to decrease a person’s appetite.
Due to the similarities however, it can also cause similar side effects. Especially when combined with other stimulants.


L- Tyrosine is important for neuromuscular function. It has been shown to effect mood, satiety, stress response, mental function, and even sex drive.
It is a non-essential amino acid which is synthesised within the body from the amino acid phenylalanine.
It also has a major role in producing melanin in the body and this is imperative for defending the body against ultraviolet light.
As another amino acid, L-Tyrosine benefits from higher doses. (500mg+)


Caffeine is a staple supplement to modern day life. It is a highly effective stimulant in how it boosts the metabolism, mobilises fat to be used as energy and suppresses appetite.
As well as this it can boost the effects of other metabolism boosting products, such as green tea or bitter orange.
It has long been used by athletes, and non-athletes alike, in order to increase alertness, endurance and longevity.
This is essential for a fat burner. You need around 250mg-300mg dosed evenly through the day for best results.


Cayenne Pepper is a species of pepper native to the Americas. It is a key element in various cuisines but is now often used as a supplement.
Cayenne Pepper contains capsaicin which is known for its “warming effect.” It is known for its positive effects on healthy blood circulation throughout the body. This ingredient has been proven to burn calories in fat burners. 100mg through the day is an ideal amount.


Yohimbe has been shown to help increase power, inner strength and vitality. This is largely due to its effect upon the libido, both male and female.
It is also particularly useful for suppressing appetite. This effect combined with its ability to target stored fat makes it a commonly used supplement for fat loss.
The jury is still out on how effective it is however, with some studies showing unwanted side effects and limited benefits.

Ginger Root Extract

Working in a similar way to Cayenne, it’s thought that ginger can benefit the metabolism. This hasn’t really been found to be true yet.


A member of the mint family that is used largely to treat heart, blood vessel and circulation issues.

Advanced Molecular Labs Thermo Heat Ingredients

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Advanced Molecular Labs Thermo Heat Dose

You take 2 capsules twice per day. This serving will give you 250mg of caffeine and mean you are taking A LOT of this stimulant.

Ideally for best results with a fat burner you need something that spreads it’s dose through the day, with 3-4 single capsules. This ensure you avoid side effects but more importantly allow for longer periods of effects. Essential for fat loss.

It’s hard to really speculate on the doses of ingredients in here full, as they have hidden the individual amounts. So it may be wise to test your tolerance first.

Advanced Molecular Labs Thermo Heat Side Effects

You may experience some side effects from the blend of ingredients in this product.

This is due to the mix of stimulants, especially the Bitter Orange Extract and Caffeine.  Side effects reported from wrong doses of this combination are headaches, nausea and energy crashes.

Test your tolerance with a single capsule and you should be ok.

Advanced Molecular Labs Thermo Heat Review Conclusion

This is a product with some ok ingredients in it that may have limited effects on your fat burning.

However, we cannot see the individual doses, so there is no way to actually tell what results you can really expect.

There are also a lot of ingredients in here that just herbs and old school snake oil remedies.

Whilst the 4 capsules per day is excellent and the use of caffeine and cayenne essential, this is still a fairly weak fat burner.

You’d be better off investing a little more money and time and checking out something from our top 3. 

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