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Adrian James Nutrition Thermoblaze Fat Burner Review

The thermoblaze supplement is marketed, under Adrian James Nutrition, as a fat burner that induces thermogenic effects. Of course, much like most supplements, the thermoblaze is one that is most often recommended to people who are already on their way to getting their desired body image, but need that little bit of an extra push to get there.

The ingredients that make up the thermoblaze supplement are specially chosen for the “all-natural” appeal, and the company itself promises that each ingredient is carefully chosen and bought from reputable sources all around the world.

Adrian James Nutrition Thermoblaze Ingredients

There are 14 ingredients that are specifically stated in the nutritional label of the Thermoblaze supplement. The company that manufactures it claims that most of the ingredients were chosen for their thermogenic benefits, and are all-natural.

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Let’s dive in and see if that statement is accurate:

Citrus Aurantium Powder

As soon as we start, a problem is spotted. With 700 milligrams per 3 capsules, our first ingredient is the infamous Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange Peel Extract.) This ingredient is said to hold a substance called synephrine, which has been confirmed to support negative effects.

Specifically, studies have found, that despite a person having normal blood pressure before supplementing Synephrine, they might experience a spike in blood pressure. This means, that it is risky to take this whether you have high-blood pressure or not.


Our second ingredient, and already we have another problem. Although there have been studies that hint at L-tyrosine being able to suppress a person’s appetite, nothing significant has been confirmed thus far. In which case, the only use for this ingredient (200mg of it) is the supposed boost in focus and mental clarity, which does not directly help the burning of fat.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The first proper ingredient we see and it is too lowly dosed. Caffeine has been proven most effective when taken at 200-500 milligrams everyday, which makes the 166mg of it in the Thermoblaze supplement quite lacking.

Caffeine is a popular ingredient that is found in many fat burner supplements for its proven effects on a person’s metabolism and energy levels. Other ingredients in this list include caffeine, like Guarana Seed Extract and Green Tea, but even then the total amount of caffeine in milligrams is still on the low-side of the spectrum.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is an up and coming ingredient that we’ve seen in a lot of fat burner supplements in recent years. It’s been said to help improve a person’s metabolism, and is being researched as an ingredient that could potentially help in lowering cholesterol levels.

Unfortunately, much like the caffeine, the green tea extract seems particularly lacking when it comes to the dosage.

White Kidney Bean Extract

White Kidney Bean is a popular starch blocker, meaning it’s meant to delay the absorption of calories and carbs. As popular as this ingredient is, there isn’t enough evidence to prove its effectiveness. Also, studies that showed a level of effectiveness was mainly seen in doses that are at least 4 times larger than the amount the Thermoblaze has (100mg.)


Also called Black Pepper Extract, its sole purpose is to help with the absorption of the ingredients used in the supplement, making them more effective.

Cayenne Pepper

One of the only proven thermogenic ingredients on this list, and once again, there doesn’t seem enough of it in the formula.

Adrian James Nutrition – Thermoblaze Dose

The supplement is meant to be taken 3 times per day, spread throughout the day to boost effectiveness. The serving size is calculated as such, and it is important to keep that in mind. The supplement includes an ingredient that could potentially become even more dangerous when ingested in mass amounts.

Does it work?

To be frank, whilst a handful of ingredients on this list are scientifically proven to be effective, it is those ingredients specifically that are lacking in potency. The one ingredient (Citrus Aurantium) that should have been much lower in dose, should be replaced, perhaps then it would be more effective. However, as it stands, this is not a supplement I would recommend for anyone.

Where to Buy Thermoblaze?

The supplement can be purchased from Amazon.com, for around 20.00 US Dollars. The price is quite low, especially when you consider that there is enough servings in the container to last a month. This low price might be a result of the low-dosed ingredients.

Adrian James Nutrition Thermoblaze Fat Burner Supplement Review Conclusion

There is a lot lacking in this supplement, the price is almost reasonable- considering the potency of the ingredients available. However, the fact that Citrus Aurantium is the main ingredient makes it much too dangerous for me to be able to recommend this supplement to just anyone.

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