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Adios Diet Fat Burner Review

Adios Diet is a supplement that promises to get rid of unwanted fat using a blend of special herbs and ingredients.

Adios tablets are available in both the normal Adios fat burner dose and also in Adios Max.

Normally we are used to reviewing fat burners designed for athletes. Adios is different and is very much going after the diet pill market.

Does this mean you are going to get better or worse fat burning results than from a premium fat burner though?

Let’s see what we can find out about the ingredients.

Adios Diet Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Adios uses a bunch of natural herbs to help your body restrict cravings and also, it looks like, burn a little bit of fat too.

The amount of ingredients in Adios does seem a little limited though, and as with lots of fat burners in the fitness industry, look to contain a few herbs and ingredients that will only have limited benefits.

It’s worth remembering when you are buying a fat burner that there are only a handful of ingredients that are worth having.

Does Adios diet contain these essential ingredients?

Adios Diet Fat Burner Ingredients

Butternut Bark

Generally known for being a mild laxative. This helps cleanse the bowel and will indirectly help the body get the most of food. But isn’t going to have a direct effect on body fat.

Dandelion Root

Another traditional health remedy, Dandelion Root has been thought to lower cholesterol levels.

Whilst studies are in their early stages, it’s still worth considering in a diet product.

Boldo Leaf

Boldo Leaf helps with liver protection and also protecting the urinary tract. It’s not directly related to urine or fat loss which is a little frustrating.


Is seaweed that is more commonly known as bladderwack. Generally this is thought to be an antioxidant and isn’t again going to increase metabolism or provide many strong benefits when it comes to burning away unwanted fat.

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Adios Diet Fat Burner Side Effects

You can get some slight side effects from Adios Diet as occasionally the wrong doseage of dandelion root can cause nausea.

Combined with the fact that Butternut Bark is know as a laxitive than anything else, you could be in for problems.

Generally though, the other herbs seem fairly safe and will be at a lower does.

What is frustrating though, is because of these herbs being natural and also at the dose they are at, even in Adios Diet Max, you will get limited effects when you compare it with our number #1 fat burner.

Adios Diet Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This product is not worth your money.

As a ‘Diet Pill’ we can say with certainty that you’re not going to be burning away fat as quick as with one of our top 3 products.

Whilst this is a safe product to use and doesn’t contain any stimulants, it’s just lacking with it’s main ingredients.

There is an exact science to fat burning, and Adios Diet seem to be a way off.

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