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AD Shredabull Untamed Review

You don’t Burning fat can be a whole lot easier when you also use a proven fat burner. You want something natural that will jack up your metabolism safely avoiding side effects.

AD Shredabull Untamed uses a blend of natural and chemically sythesised ingredients. Whilst this isn’t the end of the world. the fact they have hidden the individual doses of ingredients away into a proprietary blends is a potential problem.

Generally, you get more adverse affects from fat burners that rely on chemical compounds. And we’d always try and keep fat burning natural for best results.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in Shredabull Untamed and see if it, and it’s bovine thyroid can actually help you cut down quicker.

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AD Shredabull Untamed Core Ingredients

Fat Burning Ingredients Index

There’s a fair amount of stimulants in Shredabull. This isn’t always ideal as generally stimulants cause unwanted side effects, especially when supplemented at the wrong doses.

Also, when you start to mix stimulants together, you again leave yourself more prone to these unwanted effects. This is a little frustrating.

The blends in Shredabull, again mean we can’t see the amounts of these ingredients, so you may want to test your tolerance with a single capsule and then a day off.

Let’s take a closer look at the effects you can expect from the major ingredients anyway;

AD Shredabull Untamed Ingredients


Caffeine is a staple supplement to modern day life. It is a highly effective stimulant in how it boosts the metabolism, mobilises fat to be used as energy and suppresses appetite.
As well as this it can boost the effects of other metabolism boosting products, such as green tea or bitter orange.
It has long been used by athletes, and non-athletes alike, in order to increase alertness, endurance and longevity.
This is essential for a fat burner. You need around 250mg-300mg dosed evenly through the day for best results.

White Willow

This has a variety of uses, from making aspirin to making gunpowder.
It has been shown to provide comfort to muscles and joints due to its links to aspirin.
There is no real evidence however showing it’s use within a fat burner.


L- Tyrosine is important for neuromuscular function. It has been shown to effect mood, satiety, stress response, mental function, and even sex drive.
It is a non-essential amino acid which is synthesised within the body from the amino acid phenylalanine.
It also has a major role in producing melanin in the body and this is imperative for defending the body against ultraviolet light.
As another amino acid, L-Tyrosine benefits from higher doses. (500mg+)


Yohimbe has been shown to help increase power, inner strength and vitality. This is largely due to its effect upon the libido, both male and female.
It is also particularly useful for suppressing appetite. This effect combined with its ability to target stored fat makes it a commonly used supplement for fat loss.
The jury is still out on how effective it is however, with some studies showing unwanted side effects and limited benefits.


Cayenne Pepper is a species of pepper native to the Americas. It is a key element in various cuisines but is now often used as a supplement.
Cayenne Pepper contains capsaicin which is known for its “warming effect.” It is known for its positive effects on healthy blood circulation throughout the body. This ingredient has been proven to burn calories in fat burners. 100mg through the day is an ideal amount.

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AD Shredabull Untamed Dose

A single capsule of Shredabull has enough stimulants to keep you flying for a few hours, or working out hard.

However this isn’t always what you need with a fat burner.

Remember any good fat burner needs to keep the effects running through the day to maximise the bodies ability to burn fat as energy. Whilst a level of stimulants are useful, over doing it like Shredabull, will lead to unwanted side effects and only a minor amount of fat being burnt off.

AD Shredabull Untamed Side Effects

You may get some side effects from the stimulants interacting in Shredabull Untamed.

These are likely to be headaches, nausea and energy crashes. Generally these are side effects from products that over do the stimulants and it can actually do more harm than good when it comes to burning fat.

AD Shredabull Untamed Review Conclusion

This is a product that has more in common with a pre workout than a fat burner.

Yes, you will get some results, but you can’t safely supplement a product like this every day without eventually feeling tired from it and need a break.

There are also other elements of fat burner that AD have ignored, like the need for some form of appetite suppression.

For the price you pay for this product you can get a premium fat burner that will get you serious results and allow you to supplement it side effect free for a longer period.

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