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Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting Review

Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting is a serious looking, and sounding fat burner from Activlab. It promises a next level fat burning formula, based on all natural ingredients. Which sounds good and enticing.

But as soon as you peel back the good looking branding and hardcore sounding words, you are met with a fairly average blend that has a high chance of giving you side effects.

It’s great that everything in this supplement is natural, as this does mean it’s safer than synthesised fat burners. But there is still the small issue of natural ingredients at wrong does still making you feel a bit sick and doing more harm than good.

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You should get some reasonable effects on metabolism and maybe a suppressed appetite from Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting though. But lets take a closer look at this blend.

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Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting Ingredients

We’re not exactly blow away by the blend in Activlab’s Extreme Weight cutting. Given the way the product looks and sell’s itself we were expecting some far more special than a base level of metabolism boosters and some ingredient’s that probably just won’t work at all.

They’ve got some proven ingredients in here, like Green Tea, but to counter this you’ve got raspberry ketones. An ingredient that has been proven in studies not to work.

Combine this with the risk of side effects that come from Bitter Orange Extract and you are sort of putting yourself at risk, as opposed to burning away unwanted fat.

Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting Ingredients

Bitter Orange Extract

This isn’t any good in a fat burner. Despite the fact that bitter orange extract may impact metabolism, it also can cause harmful and unwanted side effects. This is due to the fact it’s chemically similar to banned substance ephedrene.


Caffeine is an essential fat burning ingredient. It’s heavily researched, proven and safe. It can increase metabolism whilst providing a clean source of energy and also improve focus and suppress appetite.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is another essential fat burning herb. It helps the body storing excess fat as well as boosting your metabolism. Research has proven that green tea can make the body target fat for fuel. Perfect for cutting weight. The dose in Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting is a little low however.

Raspberry Ketones

A ‘miracle’ ingredient that is supposed to be essential to put the body into ketosis. Sadly nearly all studies prove this ingredient doesn’t work and can actually cause unwanted side effects.

Dandelion Extract

Generally the effects of dandelion on weight loss are because of it’s diuretic effects and not for promoting impacts on metabolism or the use of fat for fuel.

Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting Dose

You get 3 capsules per day to make up the full serving of Activlab extreme cutting fat burner.

Key fat burning ingredients that work, like Green Tea and caffeine are in low doses in this supplement so won’t be very effective at all.

If you invest in a high end fat burner you are going to be getting scientifically backed doses of proven fat burning ingredients, without the risk of any side effects.

Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting Side Effects

The side effects you can get from combining Bitter Orange Extract with other stimulants are headaches, nausea and sickness.

Due to the fact bitter orange is a similar compound to ephedrene, it’s not worth the risk if you are cutting for competition either.

Where to buy Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting

You can get Activlab extreme weight cutting from ebay for around £10. But you can also get it for £7 from Powerbody.co.uk. This is a pretty cheap price. Very cheap actually. But you are only getting 20 days of dose and from that 20 days of dose you are getting a bunch of risky and lowly dosed ingredients.

If you invest in a premium burner. you are going to get more ingredients, at scientifically proven doses and actually cut weight without side effects.

Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting Review Conclusion

It’s strange to see a fat burner that markets itself at professional fighters contain bitter orange extract. Bitter orange contains synephrine, which is similar to a substance that could get athletes banned from competition.

Our number 1 fat burner is Instant Knockout, which is used by professional fighters and other tested athetes. It’s more expensive, but it works and you get a bigger dose and a longer period of supplementation.

You may see a slight increase in metabolism from Activlab Extreme Weight Cutting, but it’s nothing compared to what you will get from our top proven fat burners.

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