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Aces Labs Super Nova Review

Will you get an ace in your fat burning with Aces Labs Super Nova? Or are you looking at a fat burner that will just be a waste of money?

Super Nova certainly looks the part, promising to ignite your metabolism and set you well on your way to more incinerated body fat than ever. If you look on the back of the cool shaped bottle you will see the ingredients.

This ingredients list is what’s going to be doing all the work in Super Nova and so it’s essential it’s well dosed, scientifically proven and in the correct servings.

Let’s take a closer look at Super Nova and see if it’s going to be a fat burner that will get you shredded in no time, and if it can fit into our TOP 3!


Aces Labs Super Nova Core Ingredients

Ingredients wise, Aces Labs Super Nova isn’t up to much.

There are some solid proven ingredients in this fat burner, but in reality there could be so much more.

One major problem with this supplement is the potential of side effects. Very risky side effects for that matter.

Remember by taking a fat burner with a risk of side effects you are setting yourself up for failure. You ideally need a fully natural and completely safe product.

Aces Labs Super Nova Ingredients


A substance banned by the FDA after a number of deaths were linked to it.

It’s also reported to have caused ‘Ephedra Psychosis’. This supplement has been shown to increase metabolism, but for most people it’s too much and you will get some adverse side effects.

Save your money.


Caffeine is a staple supplement to modern day life. It is a highly effective stimulant in how it boosts the metabolism, mobilises fat to be used as energy and suppresses appetite.
As well as this it can boost the effects of other metabolism boosting products, such as green tea or bitter orange.
It has long been used by athletes, and non-athletes alike, in order to increase alertness, endurance and longevity.
This is essential for a fat burner. You need around 250mg-300mg dosed evenly through the day for best results.

White Willow

This has a variety of uses, from making aspirin to making gunpowder.
It has been shown to provide comfort to muscles and joints due to its links to aspirin.
There is no real evidence however showing it’s use within a fat burner.

Green Tea

Green Tea is very popular amongst health and fitness enthusiasts in recent times. Especially as it has been found that when combined with caffeine, it can boost your metabolism far beyond what caffeine can do alone.
Studies have shown that it can increase your metabolism to the point of burning an extra 200 calories a day without added exercise. 500mg of Green tea is perfect in a fat burner.

Aces Labs Super Nova Dose

You take 1-2 capsules with breakfast and another 1-2 before training or at lunch.

Whilst this is an ok serving size for a fat burner, it’s worth bearing in mind that what you are taking is a banned substance that has actually resulted in the death of some people.

Others have also experienced psychosis. The other ingredients are ok, and are good spread out evenly, but we wouldn’t risk it.

Aces Labs Super Nova Side Effects

The side effects you can experience from Ephedrine HCL are nausea, sickness and even psychosis.

Ephedrine is an FDA banned substance for a reason and something you shouldn’t be using unless you are fully aware of the above risks and more.

For the people on a hardcore cut, you might think it’s worth it. But from experience we should warn you against it.

 Aces Labs Super Nova Review Conclusion

Aces Labs Super Nova looks great.

But as soon as you take a look at the ingredients in the product you realise you are in for one rough ride.

The content of ephedrine in this fat burner means it’s not only illegal, but also can cause severe harm if you have a weak tolerance to it.

For a fat burner you can use for longer periods with more success, we recommend you check our top 3. 

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