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4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

Unless you want to dedicate yourself to a life of dieting and planning out your food, you might want to invest in a pre-workout supplementary solution.

Pre-workout supplements are something to be quickly taken (time required for the supplements to take effect may vary depending on the supplement itself) before a workout in order to give your body the boost that it needs.

If you manage to find one that is properly formulated in order to maximize your workouts, then more power to you!

An Introduction to 4 Gauge

A recent competitor in the market is called 4 Gauge, which was created by a sports supplement company called Roar Ambition.

It promises maximum power for your workouts, that are supposed to make you look and feel, bigger and better!

An important thing to note is the lack of proprietary blends!

If you don’t know what proprietary blends are, well they’re basically formulas created by a company that is supposed to help you improve your workout experience.

However, none of these are ingredients are ever released to the public- so you never really know what kind of bang you’re getting for your buck.

With 4 Gauge, you have the ability to learn everything there is to know about the product that they are selling.

There are 17 different ingredients involved in the making of 4 Gauge, all of which are supposed to aid you in some way, shape or form.

Just like any powder supplement, this is meant to be taken with cold water.

There is a scoop available, and the regular dose is two scoops- to be taken 15-45 minutes prior to your workout.

4 gauge pre workout

What is inside of 4 Gauge?

4 Gauge markets itself as being made from 100% natural ingredients.

The transparency in their business is something that has great appeal, it allows regular people like us, to know exactly what is that’s inside of these supplements.

This way, we can check them out for ourselves, and see whether or not it’s something that we want to be putting into our body.

The fact that it is ‘all natural’ is something that eases a couple of worries.

However, if you are taking a form of medication, definitely check in with your doctor to make sure that none of the ingredients found in 4 Gauge will react badly to the material that you are already taking.

4 Gauge Dose:

The label has instructions as to how it should be used. The regular dosage is at two scoops but can be safely doubled.

Make sure to be careful when it comes to taking any more than the recommended amount.

While the dosage can be adjusted based on your needs, make sure you’re not overdoing it!

4 Gauge Side-effects:

The only real side-effect comes with the 150 milligrams of caffeine that is blended into their formula.

The side-effects involving this ingredient is7 actually fairly mild.

To compare, the recommended dose has about as much caffeine as your regular cup of coffee.

Of course, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients that are expressed on the label, please do not take this supplement.

There is no telling how it will affect you, so please be careful.

4 Gauge Benefits:

The negative side-effects are pretty rare/mild, in comparison, how do the supposed benefits compare?

These include:

  • An increase in your stamina and endurance, which allows you to go as harder and longer than ever before;
  • Visible results at a faster rate; and
  • All natural formula that has only 5 calories per serving.

4 Gauge Ingredients Breakdown:

One of the thing that sets 4 Gauge apart from its competitors, is the transparency between the customer and the company.

With 4 Gauge, you are able to know exactly what’s going on inside of the supplement that you are taking.

There are no secret proprietary blends that are ‘supposed’ to help you.

Most of which people assume are just ‘blends’ made up of sugar additives that are aimed at making the product taste better.

More often than not, those with proprietary blends only lead to harder crashes at the end.

So, what exactly is the 4 Gauge power made out of? What’s in it? And why does it work?

Caffeine and L-Theanine

Now, as you can probably tell, these are two different ingredients.

The reason I put them together, is because of the way in these two things work to make the supplement safe and effective.

You probably know how coffee works, your family, your friends, your co-worker, etc. there is guaranteed to be someone in your life that drinks coffee on a regular basis.

As previously mentioned, there are about 75 milligrams of caffeine in each scoop of the 4 Gauge powder. That is 150 milligrams per dose.

Caffeine has been shown to have very good effects when it comes to workouts.

It stops your body from using sugar and directs it to make use of fat instead. Resulting in loss of fat.

However, this much caffeine, can (very rarely) lead to some mild side-effects.

This can be controlled by how much of a dose you take in.

If you take less of the supplement, you will be able to prevent any crashes.

If you’d like, slowly develop your body in order to be able to take in more.

Now, as for L-Theanine, this has properties that are meant to balance against caffeine in the best way possible.

It relaxes your body to an extent and provides a boost that doesn’t lead to a crash.

The beauty of it all is that when these two things are used together (as is the case for 4 Gauge) they make quite the killer combo.


There are 6,000 milligrams of this mixed in with the 4 Gauge formula. The regular daily dose that is suggested is around 3,000 milligrams, that more than doubles that.

Is it safe? What does it do?

Well, L-Citrulline is something that is extracted from watermelons, believe it or not, so it’s all-natural.

Its main job is to produce nitric oxide, which then promotes the dilation of arteries and veins in order to allow for better blood circulation.

This is a result you’ll be able to see in front of your very eyes.

If you take the proper dose, you’ll notice your veins and muscles looking more prominent which each repetition.

Red Beet

The beetroot in the formula is what gives the water (or juice) that you mix the supplement with, it’s the pinkish color.

However attractive or unattractive this may look to you, it’s actually very helpful.

Beetroots are proven to be good for you, “…the first clue [that proves that they’re] loaded with nutrition is their bright red color, which indicates the presence of powerful phytonutrients called betalains.”

They are a lot like L-Citrulline, which promotes the production of nitric oxide, in order to produce better blood circulation.

In one case study, researchers found that subjects who drank beet juice were said to have “…had a 13 percent increase in power in [their] muscles.”

Where to buy 4 Gauge Pre Workout?

The best place to buy, would be direct from their website, click here to get sent to order page.

The price of a single canister is $45, which can be somewhat pricey.

However, there are no recurring charges.

They also have an option of buying 3 canisters for the price of $112.50. This costs considerably less.

If a couple of your friends want to try it out with you then you can probably afford the $112.50.

If not, make the investment to try out the first $45 worth, just to see how much you end up liking it.

Does 4 Gauge Pre Workout Work?

Based on countless of testimonials online, yes. It does work.

Working out is not just about, spending hours and hours inside of a gym.

That’s a big part of it, yes, but it’s also important that your body gets the nutrition that it needs.

4 Gauge is able to produce recurring results, meaning everyone that uses it, will be able to experience the promise that goes along with its brand.

The only ingredient known to cause side-effects is the caffeine, and even that can be managed easily with the dosage you take in.

The promise of ‘all-natural’ ingredients may be deceptive in some cases, but when it comes to 4 Gauge, the ingredients used actually are known and proven to promote better growth.

Every single ingredient used is for a purpose, and it works.

4 Gauge Review Conclusion

If you’re wondering about whether it’s worth it or not. I will say a resounding, yes.

It’s something that actually works, and it’s very effective.

With 4 Gauge you know exactly what you’re going to get, and you get it. Without fail. If this is something you’re interested in, study the ingredients list.

Makes sure that there’s nothing in it that will disagree with your allergies and or any medication you will be taking.

The pricing is not too extreme, although if you buy only one it can be quite costly. Not too bad though, it’s still fairly reasonable.

For a product that produces so good results… well, it’s worth it.

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