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3 Ways to Spot a Premium Supplement

Supplement companies exist to exploit you and take your money. Spending your dollars on a poor product that does more harm than good is something most customers will come across once or twice.

If the above sounds like something you want to avoid, and you’d rather be spending your money on supplements that allow you to reach your goals (fat loss, muscle building, sports performance, whatever) then read on…

Once you’ve gotten used to shopping around for sports supplements there are a few money saving ways to Spot a supplement worth investing In.

Sadly, these top 3 tips at finding a Premium Supplement don’t always work, but more often than not it’ll pay off and you may even find a supplement you can use for the rest of your fitness days.

#1 Look at the brand

Great branding, from a big company

Seems obvious, but can be pretty tricky. You need to look beyond the packaging and look who makes the product.

If the parent company or brand behind it have a range, they are more likely to produce effective products. Why?

Companies with a single supplement will often disappear when they’ve made their money. It’s a quick way to make cash then leave, without having much tied up in stock and minimal effort in the first place.

MusclePharm are a classic example of a company that can be trusted not to kill you with their products. Some solid companies can be harder to Spot – take Roar Ambition for example.

A few ways to Spot if a full brand is trustworthy:

  • Do they have a blog
  • Is their site more than one page
  • Have they got athlete endorsements
  • Do they have an active social media presence
  • Have they got live chat and do they respond

Whilst you may think some of these are customer service points, if a brand has good customer service they generally have a bit of money behind them. This means the supplement has been well invested in and will more likely work…there are always sadly some exceptions.

#2 Look at the packaging and the blend

You may remember the old saying, never judge a book by it’s cover. Well ignore that for this point.

If a product looks good, it’s had money invested in it. If it’s had money invested in it, it’s more likely made up of better and expensive components.

When a products packing looks like it’s been made by a child, you know you’re probably getting something slightly dodgy.

However we’re not just talking weird logos here, but also the list of ingredients on the back.

Proprietary Blends

Sin City Nutrition Diced Fat Burner Ingredients
Proprietary Blend Example

Yes, this is sort of point 2.1. It’s a big one though and we’ve already covered the risks of proprietary blends in another post.

But the problem with these blends is you literally cannot see a thing that goes into them. Which makes them either full of dodgy and ineffective ingredients.

Proprietary blends will show you each ingredient that goes into them. But not the individual amounts.

So pay attention to the supplement facts on what fat burner you buy, as it could be full of crap.

#3 Look at their testimonials


Everyone has tried every supplement nowadays. If a company has good reviews, you can generally trust that that supplement will work for you.

A good example of a company taking reviews onto their website is www.instantknockout.com/our-testimonials

We’re not generally talking normal reviews either, you need to see the difference people have made and what they’ve achieved with the product.

Generally once you’ve found a product that has a solid amount of people who’ve got results, you know you are going to be on to a winner!


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