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1up Nutrition Pro-Ripped Fat Burner Review

You want to get ripped. And great news good fat burner is always the best way to kick off a shred. This 1up Nutrition Pro-Ripped Fat Burner Review will give you everything you need to make a clear informed decision.

Pro Ripped is the latest┬á┬áfat burner from 1Up Nutrition. You are probably tired of reading countless reviews and looking for proven products. We want to take away the risk of wasting more of your money on a product that doesn’t work.┬á

Before choosing a fat burner, you need to ensure you are committed to losing that weight and burning that fat. If you are, like us, then read on. If not then you may as well click away.

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Remember, all good fat burners should:

  • Not hide doses of ingredients in a proprietary blend
  • Ignite your metabolism
  • Suppress your appetite and keep you feeling full
  • Energise and focus you
  • Use clinical doses of PROVEN fat burning ingredients
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We like this packaging. What we can take from it is that it has strong brand colors and says exactly what it’s going to do. The ingredients list is clearly visible also, which is always a major plus point! Not bad for first impressions.


So, after taking a closer look at the ingredients list alarm bells have started ringing. The supplement is a proprietary blend! To clue any new readers in, this means that the supplement doesn’t actually disclose the amount of individual ingredients that go into it.

This means that you can actually run the risk of being ripped off, or even worse, getting sick. Anyway, let’s not jump to conclusions and see what’s in this blend.



This helps regulate blood sugar levels and is a good ingredient to have in a fat burner. It can help regulate blood sugar levels, removing cravings and helping to provide muscles with energy to increase muscle mass and decrease the amount of fat.

It’s a good ingredient to have in a fat burner and is dosed pretty well.

Extreme Fat Burning Matrix


A good proven fat burning ingredient. Caffeine is very well known for being a stimulant, and when used in a fat burner can yield positive results. This is because it provides you with increased energy and also speeds up your metabolism. Meaning your body will burn more calories through the day. A good effective dose of caffeine is about 300mg.

green-tea-imageGreen Tea Extract

Green tea extract works buy increasing the amount of calories your body will burn through the day and helping to break down fat cells through polyphenols.

This ingredient makes a great tasting tea but also gives great results as a fat burner! You do want a dose of about 500mg for it to be effective, so we are not fully convinced this supplement will provide you with a high enough intake. It is good to see though!


This ingredient is a strange one, Inositol is known to help people with OCD or panic disorders. We imagine that this ingredient is included in this supplement to improve focus and reduce stresses on the body.

A word of caution however if you are buying this supplement though, this ingredient has potential to cause nausea in the wrong dose.

Citrus Aurantium Extract

Aka Bitter orange. This is similar in chemical nature to ephedrine. Something that is very dangerous and actually a banned FDA substance. We do not recommend any supplement that contains Citrus Aurantium as there are proven studies that show it interacts negatively with caffeine. Be careful.


An amino acid that helps regulate bodily function. This is a bit of a gimmicky ingredient but we can see what they have chosen to add it. The slightly problem is the dose. We’re not fully convinced that you will be getting enough for this to be effective for you.#

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The dose of this fat burner is 1 capsule a day before the first meal of the day and then another 6 hours later. While this dose is reasonable, we’re not fully convinced for the money you pay you are going to be a getting good results throughout the day.

There is a big problem here, and its the proprietary blend, as you can’t actually see how much of each ingredient you are taking you run the risk of either crashing throughout the day or feeling very minimal effects.


We found this supplement for $54.99 from their official store. This is about the price you want to be paying for a premium fat burning product. If you are looking to get something top end and effective, we’d recommend looking for something that shows you an exact dose and uses safe, proven ingredients.

Some better products also have money back guarantees on their bigger supplies.

1up Nutrition Pro-Ripped Fat Burner Review Conclusion

There’s no doubting this is a premium product from a premium brand.

But, and it’s a MASSIVE BUT, they are hiding the full ingredients list. We can’t trust it will be properly dosed, and even worse, the citrus aurantium may cause some problems when mixed with the caffeine.

If you are looking to buy a premium product, then we recommend checking out our top 3 fat burners that will get you proven results. Always, with any fat burner, say no to a proprietary blend.

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