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1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Review

This is a complete 1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Review. We will give you what you need to know on ingredients, side effects, prices and more. Is this the product that’s going to help you cut fat?

The product looks and feels great, like you’d expect any premium fat burner too. However looking at the ingredients on the back, there’s a few causes for concern. Namely the proprietary blend and few chemical ingredients in here.

You need to be sure what you are taking is safe and proven and if you can afford it, completely natural. With these types of blends there is no guarantee.

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1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Core Ingredients

This product contains a proprietary blend of ingredients. You cannot see the individual doses. This is extremely risky on any supplement and could mean the company is packing it with filler ingredients to keep it cheap.1st Phorm Royal 21 King Fat Burner Review Ingredients

Worse still it could lead to unwanted side effects. Check your tolerance before buying. The key ingredients in this blend are:


This is a non essential amino acid used to syntheise proteins and provide energy for muscles. It’s worth including in a fat loss supplement, but is probably way under the effective dose in this product, limiting results.


A fairly good ingredient to calm you and improve focus. This is one part of green tea and needs more than is in this blend to provide the full benefits of it.

You’ll get results but they will be limited.


Works in a similar way to caffeine and will give you a good amount of energy. Not a bad addition but again their could be a minor issue with dosing.

We wouldn’t know this however as it’s hidden.


Theres no evidence to point that this chemical can improve weight loss or will lead to any results. You are far better off finding natural proven ingredients like green tea.

Choline Bitatrate

Another stimulant. This is generally used to boost cognitive function and found in high amounts inside egg yolks.

There have been a few studies done on this ingredient, however none actually yielded any cardiovascular or cognitive benefits. Another problem with this ingredient is that depending on an individuals tolerance, a wrong dose has been known to cause headaches.


There’s nothing in here that’s backed by enough evidence to warrant your hard earned money and that will get you fat burning results.

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1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Dose

2 capsules twice daily after tolerance has been assessed. This isn’t a good thing as some of these ingredients could be problematic at such high doses.

An effective fat burner would allow for 4 separate doses through the day of natural, proven and safe ingredients.

1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Side Effects

There could be some if the wrong ingredients are dosed to high. What would be hard to say as it’s largely stimulants in this product. Expect some headaches, crashes and nausea if you aren’t tolerant of the ingredients.

1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Cost

$69.99 for 80 capsules. Very expensive and not worth this money. Chemical products are cheaper to produce and more harmful than completely natural products that feature in our top 3.

Our number 1 fat burner has more capsules and comes at a cheaper cost. It’s also heavily proven and supported.

1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Not good. A very expensive products with a proprietary blend full of risky ingredients make this fat burner something we’d avoid.

Remember, when choosing a fat burner it’s very important to be able to see all the amounts of each ingredient in the product and also that it’s 100% natural and proven.

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1st Phorm Royal King Fat Burner Review

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